A hope for the future.

eKids Global was birthed from a personal experience during our trip to Oaxaca, Mexico where we discovered the following:

Children as young as 2 years old are having to work on the streets selling gum, candy, and cigarettes in order to help support their families.

45% of the child and youth population are either illiterate or have never attended school with an education system that is currently 50 years behind.

Children are trafficked and forced into work labor by illegal underground organizations who promise parents a "better life."

We moved to action because no child is invisible to God.

A closing sentence would fit perfect here to break up the images and provide easier transitions from photos, and leave a last impression

We responded by opening a campus that empowers children to reach their fullest potential by providing free education, meals, healthcare, and transportation
for a life-changing future.

eKids Global School